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The following information and guidelines have been established to protect the interiors and

furnishing of the homes on tour and ensure an enjoyable experience for all our tour guests. 





There is on-street parking available along the tour route as well as in Savannah parking garages for a fee. Check the signs on meters to determine the requirements.  There is a helpful app that allows you to pay for parking via your smart phone.  Click HERE for information on the City of Savannah Parking App.

Free City Shuttle Bus

The City of Savannah provides a free shuttle service to get around the Historic District and also to cross the river.  For information on the routes provided, click HERE.

The Tour is not wheelchair or stroller accessible.

Most historic homes in Savannah are high-stooped with 8 to 12 steps to climb and, as such, are not accessible by wheelchairs. 



No photography or video allowed.

Out of respect for our homeowners and residents, please no photography or videotaping

inside the homes.


No high-heeled shoes

High-heeled shoes are not allowed on the tour, as they may damage the historic wood floors.


Refund Policy: Due to the fundraising nature of the Holiday Tour of Homes, we do not offer

refunds. We also will not be offering a wait list.



Frequently Asked Questions


Does the Tour sell out?
Yes! Typically by end of October.  The number of tickets is limited to protect historic interiors and ensure a pleasant experience for all.   


How will I know where the tour homes are located?

Home locations will be posted  on our STQRY Guide App at noon, December 6th.  You will get directions regarding this download after you purchase your tickets on Eventbrite. For those who do not wish to download the STQRY Guide App, the homes will be listed in the Tour Guidebook distributed at Tour Headquarters the day of the tour.  ALL tour participants MUST come to Tour Headquarters to pick up their color-coded wrist band, your ticket to the tour.  Tour headquarters will be at 


Is there transportation included?
Because the homes and tour sites are in close proximity to each other, transportation is not necessary. Walking allows you to take in Savannah’s historic scenery. For those who feel some transportation aid would be helpful, you can buy a $10 ticket that will allow you to take a trolley from headquarters to the (where?)   This is a central location to many of the homes and inns, on a continuous loop during the day.  Tickets are available under the "Purchase Tickets" tab or at headquarters the day of the tour.


What if I don’t want to walk or purchase tickets to the Trolley?
Private companies have pedicabs that can be hired to take you to the tour locations. It also has a free bus service that runs throughout the day called the DOT.  For more information on the DOT, check out


What should I wear?
Wear appropriate walking shoes to stay safe on Savannah’s uneven streets.  The bricks and cobblestones can be treacherous is some locations.  


Can I bring my children?
Well-supervised children are welcome but must pay the full ticket price. Children can be carried by parents, but strollers are not allowed inside the historic homes.


Where should I eat?

There are scores of restaurants in the Historic District, many within walking distance of the Tour route. We ask that you please visit the restaurants who advertised with us. They are listed in our tour booklet and featured on the STQRY Guide app!  

What is there to do before and after the Tour?

From shopping to exploring Savannah's historic sites, there's plenty to do while you're in town! Check out our shopping and restaurant partners and the city's tourist information center: or call them at 877-SAVANNAH

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